PACE Roof Renewal System 

This system is designed to extend the life of an existing roof on your investment property, stretch your dollars in this time of economic uncertainty, and get ahead of roof problems before they occur and do costly damage.

Here is What We Do:
1) Walk the roof, assess the general age, wear and current condition.
2) Inspect ALL penetrations, flashings and any other construction detail that might pose a potential leak in the near future.
3) Photograph those areas of potential problems, something to keep as a record for your file.
4) Write an evaluation of the roof, expected life left, and what can be done, if necessary, to prolong the life of the current roof.
5) Estimate the cost to repair and renew.

While tight budgets may suggest "patching" a roof when it leaks, common sense points to the shortcomings of this approach. The natural aging of a roof that caused one area to leak has worked just as long on other areas. Treat only the current point of water entry and neighboring sections of roofs can leak tomorrow. The "patch and pray" method of roof maintenance means constant, unplanned attention to roofs which distracts you from the profitable enterprise of your business. 

Roof replacement is the budget-breaking result of ignoring the roof even after extensive patching. Once the rain, oxidizing effects of the sun, and snow have taken their toll on the root mat and turned it into a dry, lifeless sponge, you are prey for a roofer's bid. His figure includes complete tear off and replacement of the existing roof - labor being the most expensive part of the job. Much of your "waterproofing dollar" goes into his overhead with relatively little going into the materials that actually waterproof your roof.

With the PACE System of ROOF RENEWAL, you put an end to your patching and replacement. It's the cost-effective option! With high strength roof reinforcement materials and penetrating coatings, PACE'S System builds upon your existing roof base. Its life is extended. Virtually every penny or your waterproofing dollar goes into materials that do the job. Your building is kept watertight without the interruption to your business or risk of fire that can result when reroofing work is done.

Sloped Paper and Mineral Roll - WET-JET or SILVERLEAF
Sloped Gravel - WET-JET
Dead Level Paper and Gravel - WET-JET
Metal Roofs and Sidewalls - WHITE-STAR or SILVERLEAF & RUSTBUSTER

Quality protective coatings to waterproof, rejuvenate and restore old, worn out, leaking paper/felt, gravel and mineral roll roofs applied at a fraction of the cost of replacement.  What about metal roofs? Pace's liquid rubber base roof coating seals, waterproofs, beautifies, insulates, rustproofs and acts as a sound deadener all in one labor-saving application. Available in colors.

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